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Review: Tüstnad – Flätad & Kränkt

Tüstnad is a new band from the island of Gotland in Sweden, and consists of Kim (vocals and guitar), Johny (drums and screams), Mårten (bass and screams)) and P-M (guitar and screams). Four gentlemen in their prime, which reportedly has finally found the right way! The music they play sounds like a mix of early Swedish punk with a hint of rock n’ roll. And maybe a bit of old Swedish prog-music as well. And I also get some vibes of Swedish “Dundertåget”, but heavier.

It’s dirty, and it rocks, with a reflection of and criticism of our society today. Which give me even more vibes of the early Swedish punk-music and prog-music. Above all I like the last song of the album – “Oskriven brand”. Without being sure of the lyrics, I get the feeling of the alienation that exists in Sweden today, and those on the run and want to find refuge here in Sweden, and the opposition that they are facing. Really damn good music!


I really like this. It’s good music, and you can totally hear that the boys really know how to handle their instruments. The only thing I can object to, is the fact that, on the webpage it says that the guys that aren’t singing, they do all the screaming. And I don’t really hear the screams! But, maybe it’s so that the screams will be there when the band play a live show? It really feels like this is music that’s best experienced live! You can totally hear it in the song “(Hej) Grabben”. It’s gonna be so damn heavy live! In a filthy club where you can feel the smell of sweat and beer, where the sent will intensify twice after the show!

A really excellent debut that make me looking forward to the first real album, and I really hope that I will be able to see the band live at Josef’s House of Blues in my hometown of Eskilstuna!

Here you will find more info on Tüstnad:

WEB: http://www.tystnadband.se
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tystnadband/
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/tystnadband
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCdudw5ztF9uHjbkGMA9aZA

\m/ Peps


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