Album review: Gloson – ”Grimen”

It’s kind of a funny little story how I found this band. One night, a couple of weeks ago I was listening to a podcast hosted by public radio in Sweden. It belongs to, in my mind, the best radio show in Sweden.

Anywho, one guest in this podcast was the production technician and his name is Christian Larsson. He told the listeners that he had gotten a whip-lash injury, caused by too much headbanging during the time he was touring a lot with a Swedish band.

I were of course intrigued, and I had to send a mail to this person and ask him about what band he had played with.

It turned out that he had been a part of the band Shining, and had toured with them for six years, but nowadays he plays the guitar in a rather new band called Gloson and they’re from the small town of Halmstad in Sweden.

They play a form of heavy doom/sludge metal, and according to me, some touches of death as well. In my opinion they differ slightly from other bands in the genre.

Now I have been listening to their first full length album, called “Grimen” and I really have to say that I only have one problem with it. And that it, when I have listen to the album I really have to listen again to it! This is music that suits me so damn fine!

It’s heavy and melodic and a lot of doom! I’m not that experienced with this kind of music, but for me it reminds me a whole lot about the Swedish bands “The Moth Gartherer” and “Cult Of Luna”. But for me I find a bit more death metal in Gloson than the others. I also love the fact that the first song on the album is called “Prowler”, which is exactly what the first song, of the first album of my absolute favourite band… Iron Maiden! On second thought, I feel I have to compare the lyrics to see that it’s not the same song! 🙂

I can honestly say that I don’t find a single bad/less good song on this album, and I find a dynamic among the songs that make me hear every song, and still think that they belong to the same album, and I’m already longing for the next album! I am very glad that I sent that mail and that got me to listen to this album. I urge everybody to check this music out! It’s really awesome!

And accordingly to Christian, they are about to record some new stuff soon…. 🙂


\m/ Peps

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