Interview With Dan McDougall Of Never

Recently I had the pleasure of catching up with DanMcDougall of Fair Dinkum Records, Guitarist at Never and former vocal destroyer in chief at Frankenbok for a phone interview for my weekly radio show, and I wouldn’t let all you amazing crannk readers miss out so here it is in full as well as some really cool music from Never and Frankenbok. I hope you all enjoy hearing it as much as I did doing the interview.Sorry there aren’t film clips for all the tracks Dan picked so I added a couple.

First half of the interview audio below then a few tracks from NEVER then the 2nd half of the audio below

2nd half of the audio for the interview with DanMcDougall

The best place to buy there music is through the bands perspective Bandcamp pages links below to add to your browser to find them

NEVER Australia are

Jason Richmond – Vocals
Ando McDougall – Drums
Aaron Butler – Guitars
Dan McDougall – Guitars
Graham Wilson – Bass


\m/ Interview with Dan Mc Dougall and piece from Jai Anderson CRANNK and Blunt Force Stereo \m/




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