Album Review: Guardians Of Time – Tearing up the World

Our Norwegian frieds Guardian of Time has released their 5th album, Tearing up the World.

With the 4th album I really thought that they were on the way of doing something really great. The 4th album (Rage and Fire) was as good power/metal album with a couple of great songs, but perhaps lacking a bit of identy. Althogh there were a couple of a amazing metal songs there.

And now they released album no 5. Starting hard with a collaboration with the mighty Abbath!! The title song Tearing up the World is a smack down heavy metal punch in your face! And it actually set the feeling for the entire album! “As I Burn” is another metal punch with Tim fucking Ripper Owen! Knocked me to the floor!

When I listen to the album, every song is a fist-in-your-face-metal-fuck-off-song! Hard riffs, amazing drums and awesome vocals by Bernt. The vocals are truly fucking AMAZING! Which is truly amazing in it self, because I have had a pretty bad musical year. I’ve grown tired of all wanna-bes that are trying to be the next Iron Maiden, Judas, Metallica etc… All failing! Here you have an album that you actually remember the songs when the album ends!

This is the one that aced the test…

When I was a teen, I got blown away by the Keeper of Seven keys pt 1 and 2. After those albums, all of the power metal has been kind of boring. The only time I found the genre beeing slight interesting was when I heard the “Vain Glory Opera” by Edguy. After that it has kind being a bore.

But now, this new album by our Guardians of Time... I have to reconsider… Although I can’t say that this is power metal. This is actually real old school METAL! And it so fucking damn EXELLENT!! Yeah, I know! It’s kind of a cheesy name of a band, but hearing the music, I really think that the name is fucking great! They truly are the Keeper of good metal times!

It’s heavy, its melodic. And it touch your spine in almost every song! Don’t miss this album, its a fucking killer!

For me, this might be the best album of 2018!!! An album that I’m never going to be tired of!


My favourite songs? How about the whole fucking album!!?? But if I have to choose, well I have to say that “Raise the Eagle” is a smack down metal fist in your face! Buring of Rome is a heavy kind of Kamelot-song that so much better than Kamelot. Valhalla Awaits is an old school speedmetal combined with some Amon Amarth. Drawn in Blood….

It’s difficult to chose the best song of this album. Of course, not every song is 5+, but every song has an identity. And I can’t find a single less good song on the album! Every song has it place in the album!

In my opinion, Guardians Of Time is the most exiting Norwegian metal band today!

Tearing up the World:

Here’s the album on Spotify:

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