Album review: Idlewar – Rite


Rite is the second album from Idlewar released by Off Yer Rocka Recordings. A trio from California, that plays a form heavy rock blues from the 70s, with a whole lot of grunge! I find a hint of Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and even a bit of the mighty Foo Fighters!

I think this is a rather difficult album, with a big blend of musical styles. Sometimes I think it works fine, and sometimes I don’t really understand it. As if they are trying too hard. But the intension is really good, and they really have found a sound of their own.

If I just put on a song or two, I really love it, but when trying to listen to the whole album I struggle, and have a tough time to separate the songs.

However, James Blake on vocals is great, and I think that it will be a joyride following this band, they have the potential to be pretty good. And the sound of the album kind of make me want to go back to the 90s and listen to ALL of those Seattle-bands again!

Idlewar: Keep Your Word:


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