Album review Tired Eyes EP “In Denial, Force A Smile”

Album Review Tired Eyes debut EP “In Denial, Force A Smile”

Tired Eyes are a four piece alt/rock band from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia who are a band that have a great sound

and vibe well beyond their years. I have had the pleasure of really being able to dig into this the forthcoming debut

EP release from Tired Eyes “In Denial, Force A Smile” due out on Friday June 29th.

This is an absolute cracker of an EP for a debut release, it has that Alternative/Rock feel to it which at some points of this EP reminded me of other great Aussie alt/rock bands past, throw in some shades of hardcore mix it all together and you have

this an amazingly, beautiful,thoughtful, brilliant and honest sounding EP that will take you on a journey of musical expression.

Tired Eyes have released 1 single so far off the Ep A Place,A Space, A Symphony

Vocalist Joey Keating said of their first single, “A Place, A Space, A Symphony was a slow burn and took a very long time to write. After being re-imagined by a close friend, this track found itself to be quite a black sheep in the mix of the EP. The song was written in a dark time where I couldn’t see a lot of hope or promise for the future. I was always tired and hurting – most days I just felt numb and was searching to feel anything at all. The song is a plead for relief and rest – in the midst of a revolving door of complacency.”

The Film clip for A Place, A Space, A Symphony is just below


Outta Sight is the next single off the EP and will be released this Friday.

I won’t give too much away but there is also a great re imagining of a classic Cure song that is really cool.

You can get the A Place,A Space,A Symphony single now, and the Outta Sight single this Friday from the usual digital outlets for purchase and you can Pre Order The Ep now “In Denial,Force A Smile” and it will be out from June 29th.

Tired Eyes Are Joey Keating – Vocals:Guitar

Jesse Kampkes – Bass:Vocals

Judah Kampkes – Keys

Samuel Peacock- Drums

Tired Eyes Facebook Page

\m/ Review By Jai Anderson Crannk \m/




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