Crannk chats with Rob Mollica of Abramelin

Forming in 1998 and building an impressive career in the Australian Heavy Music Scene are Aussie Death Metal Legends Abramelin who recently released their highly anticipated album “Never Enough Snuff” May 15th and I like a lot of others pre-ordered this album and have been crannking it loud and proud since release. With over 25 years experience in the Australian Heavy Music industry, I caught up with Rob Mollica to talk about the latest Abramelin album “Never Enough Snuff“, maybe another Abramelin album in the future, supporting the scene, vinyl and whole heap of other great stories check it out and crannk it loud🤘🏾

Abramelin Are Tim Aldridge – Guitar;
Matt Wilcock – Guitar;
Rob “Wog” Mollica – Bass;
Dave Hayley – Drums;
Simon Dower – Vocals.

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