Crannk June for Punx

This month the punktoria group I manage is celebrating its 1st year anniversary and that is enough of a milestone for me to have a beer.

It was originally called Shepparton Punk Bands and Fans until 10 days later when it became clear how small the Shepp punk scene was and it was changed to Shepparton/Bendigo Punk Bands and Fans.

Somewhere between July and December there was a whole lot of cool stuff (Punx In Exile) but at the end of last year with our regional punk scene getting smaller I made the decision to take the group statewide, asked members for a suggestion to rename the group and Punktoria came up. 

I renamed the group and started up a band of the week program. As we came into June the band of the week was I Have A Goat, it seemed very fitting that the In Exile Records exclusive happened at the end of May as everything I was part of last year involved both the label and the band. 

Our band of the week program changes on a Tuesday and on the 4th of June we started promoting a Shepp band called Rathead

The following week a band called Donkey Vote became band of the week as their EP “Home and Hosed” was the subject of my first review for Crannk.

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Donkey Vote has a few shows coming up
On the 15th of June at Bombay Rock in Brunswick with Postscript, No Quarter (NSW) and All Hope Remains. Check out the event link for all the details HERE.

On the 22nd of June at The Eastern in Ballarat with Saint Killed Her, All Hope Remains and Brodie and The Oxy Clinic.
(Event Link)

On the 29th of June at Whole Lotta Love bar in Brunswick with Forklift Assassins, Dream In Colour Kids and Shapes Like Rapids.
(Event Link)

I will write something more about Punktoria and Punx In Exile before the end of the month, in the meantime check out the groups band of the week playlist on spotify. 

In other news Melbourne punkers Brodown released a music video on the 6th of June for their song “Please Don’t Steal My Shit” from their album The Adventures of Brodown and The Mutant Pizza Goblin from Outer Space.
(Review Link)

I can’t pass up a chance to mention a show at Whole Lotta Love bar in Brunswick on the 13th of June its a fundraiser for Dik Idea (my punk hero) and has a great lineup featuring The Clinch, Stoned To Death, Shane & The Dog Cunts, Dicklaser and Lindsey Kingswood. (EventLink)

The Gopher Broke folk punk scene has some great shows on this month and the gigs listed here are all free entry

Gopher Broke XV
14th of June at The Welcome Swallow in Brunswick 
Knifey Spoony (NSW), Jude Joseph and 
Gutters Grr
(Event Link)

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Gopher Broke XVI 
21st of June at cafe Gummo in Thornbury this venue is wheelchair accessible. Knifey Spoony (NSW), Intellectuals, Jude Joseph and Very special secret guests?
(Event Link)

Gopher Broke XVII
22nd of June at The Welcome Swallow in Brunswick 
Knifey Spoony (NSW), The Clotheslines, 
Bandidas and BrodyGreg
(Event Link)

In New South Wales, Sydney pop punkers Headstrong released a new music video “Distant” on the 10th of June.

Also in NSW there is a show called “Punk Up The Volume” on the 22nd of June at the Illawarra Music Foundry. Its a Wreckless Enterprise show. (Event Link)

I reviewed the Short Fuse Vol 1 compilation a few weeks back and it was great so I’m following the new label very closely. (Review Link)

Another thing happening on the 22nd of June is the first show of The Bennies “Punk Rockin’ The Suburbs” tour in Albury with local support act Broken English -(Event Link)

In Queensland, on the 4th of June Brisbane punkers The Black Catapult released a new music video called “We Were Young” (Bandcamp Link) (Facebook Link)

No photo description available.

Brisbane punkers Goatzilla are releasing an album titled “Mothafukasaurus” on the 14th June, its 9 tracks in total and the band release a music video for the song “Drop Bears” on the same day.

In Western Australia, Perth punkers The Decline release “Verge Collection” on the 14th of June, through Pee Records.
(Bandcamp Link)

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Arrest Records Australia lined up a great national tour for US punkers Strike Anywhere and Paper Arms (SA) are on most shows, with support acts like Blind Man Death Stare and Trashed Again its sure to be fun. 

So get out there and support your scene. June is Punx Crannk it.


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