Crannk Reviews Inert’s Debut album “Vermin”

Inert are a death metal band hailing out of Stockholm and Barcelona, heavily influenced by bands such as Entombed,Death,Dismember and Grave.Inert started as a two piece in 2015 by Gustavo (Vocals) and Xavier (Guitars) and seen the duo release Inert’s first Ep “Obliteration Of The Self” in 2016 and also seen Inert become a four piece with the addition of Paolo (Bass) and Martin (Drums).

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Inert are gearing up to unleash their debut album “Vermin” upon the world June 28th via Neckbreaker Records.”Vermin” is a musical feast for the senses a death metal delight reigning down drums of doom and blast beats of destruction with searing guitar riffs of ferocious intensity and the bringer of brutality on vocals that weaves and leads this album to craft a death metal album that fulfills the blackened heart of the death metal gods.

Vermin” is the opening track and is also the first single released off the album check out the film clip from the opening guitar that almost announces the impending doom,We Are Vermin cesspool of human waste .”Bassals de Sang” this is one of the two tracks done in Catalan and the blast beats are strong in this one driving this song to the end.”Murderer In Me” is an awesome song and one of my favourite tracks on the album and with some great lyrics is a track to release some inner rage,and about 2:33 in the track it has a really cool drum and guitar bit I really loved on this track that drives the intensity home.”Kingdom Of Sulphur“starts with some killer riffage and drums that leads into the death and brutality of vocalist Gustavo,and that guitar work at around 2:18 just fk yeah awesome \m/.”Values’ Decay“and “Rotten Corpse Fest” keep the death and decay coming with equal parts brutality, intensity and exceptional musicianship. “La Malura” is the second track done in Catalan and roughly translates to The Badness in English and is the longest track on the album.The two bonus tracks are the opening track Vermin but a New Breed version that has more riffage it feels like and a slightly different sound,the next is a cover version of a Animic track “Horse’s Mane“and really cool track slowed down a little and filled with doom,Inert are going to be here for awhile.This is an album that I have had on high rotation lately and one I am sure you will as well when it releases on the 28th of June.Go check out Inert and Crannk it up LOUD \m/…

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Inert are: Gustavo García (vocals) Xavier Aguilar (guitars) Paolo Cito (bass) Martin Karlsson (drums)

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