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Discover A Fire are a four-piece band from Norfolk, UK. The band hasn’t been around long and has only played 3 shows but they’ve played with some bands I like including Blind Man Death Stare (Aus), Lesser Known Character (UK) and Skinny Dog (UK).
On the 30th of August 2019, the band released a lyric video for the track ‘The Rest Is Mystery’ which was the title track and first single from the new album. 
The Rest Is Mystery‘ (2:42) starts with some great drum work and the drums don’t let up until it’s over banging away at full speed with precisely timed well-executed rolls and changes. The guitars have a smooth overdrive sound and contribute power chord progressions and lead licks giving the music a sound that resembles melodic skatepunk. The song pattern is a familiar soft/heavy kind of thing, the guitar uses riffs and licks during the verse and feels like a background element of the verse parts but power chords give the guitar parts more punch for the heavier sounding chorus parts. The song has a bridge part full of stop/start musical stabs with vocals before a final chorus and a nice little finish. 

Discover A Fire released their debut album ‘The Rest Is Mystery‘ on the 20th of September 2019. The release features eight tracks of melodic skatepunk/pop-punk from the late 90’s inspired sounds to the more modern technical pop-punk. 
I really like the vocals on this album, there is some diversity to them. The song ‘Remedy‘ shows some of this versatility even though its the shortest song on the release. 
The song ‘Battlescars‘ is a great song that showcases the bands sound really well. It has all the elements of a skatepunk/pop-punk song with musical pauses as vocals ride through. As this song heads to an end the music becomes more technical pop-punk and you can hear the band’s mastery of their instruments. For more of the brilliantly executed technical stuff give the song ‘The Plan’ a spin, it’s got some amazing riffage and harmonics. 
And Then I Wake Up’ is all in at once musically and is more of that technical pop-punk sound. The bridge/outro part is full of energy and the best ending of any of the songs on this album. The band nails musical build-ups in the track ‘Heads You Win, Tails I Lose’ its a longer song clocking in at 3:58 and has some great guitar licks and riffs also a great ending.
Enslaved‘ has a cool guitar intro, its got a slower feel than the other songs. Soft and heavy verse/chorus soundscape with distorted power chords adding to the heavier chorus parts. This song reminds me a lot of the Epitaph Records band Matchbook Romance. 
If you like melodic skatepunk, late 90’s pop-punk and that modern technical pop-punk this album is worth a spin. 


Discover A Fire are Matt – vocals/guitar Rob – guitar Jon – bass Nathan – drums/vocals

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