Crannk Reviews The One Two’s – “Fight The Good Fight” album

The One Two’s are a relatively new 4 piece protest punk band from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The band started playing shows in 2018 and had about 6 shows under their belts by the time I heard about them in 2019.
On the 15th of March 2019, the band released their first single titled ‘No Ticker‘ on Bandcamp. It was produced, engineered and mixed by Luke Yeoward at Half Way Records, with mastering by Tom Beard at Jack the Bear Mastering. It did a great job introducing possible fans to the band’s protest punk sound. (Link)

The ‘No Ticker‘ single got some radio play through PBS Radio Melbourne, Live Wire on RRR and on the Rock Bottom show hosted by Mick Griffin at Phoenix FM as well as a bunch of reviews including one by Crannk.  (Review Link)

The band did some “No Ticker” single launch shows amongst other shows (hard workers). Playing to audiences in Brunswick, Frankston, and Northcote. The band had also started reaching out from its Melbourne home to play at the Golden Vine Hotel in Bendigo. 
In May the band had started promotion via a blog that offered fans an insight into the band’s journey into songwriting and recording. The band also set up a mailing list and on the 12th of July 2019, the band released their second single ‘Gilly Pull The Trigger‘ on Bandcamp. This time songwriter Mik Weird contributed to the mixing process with Luke Yeoward. (Link)

Again the band did some launch shows to promote the single release and played a bunch of stuff of their upcoming album to audiences in Brunswick, Collingwood, and Geelong and again the band got some reviews, this time from Music Injection and Crannk. (Review Link)
The third and final single released ahead of the album was ‘When I Was Seventeen‘ and it’s a solo song, just Mik Weird and the guitar. Not much to say about this one as its a basic open chord progression on an electric guitar with songwriter Mik telling the story of youth in a small town. One of the best things about all this promotional stuff is the listeners get more insight into the songs, here’s something Mik said about the track ‘When I Was Seventeen’
Growing up in small towns as a misfit as you come of age has it’s challenges and it’s good times. This song documents my experience with that.”

The One Two’s released their debut album ‘Fight The Good Fight‘ on the 15th of October 2019 and the band’s tireless efforts at promotion have given this album its best shot at being heard 
From the opening track ‘Education’ the album kicks off with a similar rhythmic guitar foundation to the first two singles. This track starts in the chorus part of the song with a great vocal hook and the music has that simplistic accessibility about it. There are some well-played guitar embellishments that gives the song a very polished feel despite its garage punk rock sound. A breakdown and well-fitting guitar solo add to the musical soundscape of the song before a shouty chorus ending that feels like an invite to sing along. The song closes with some ‘hey’ ‘ho’ parts, perhaps a nod to the Ramones who undoubtedly helped inspire the band’s sound. 
Suicide Bomber‘ is more of the same garage punk rock, it has some really nice lead guitar patterns and moving bass lines. The timing of strikes and pauses in this song shows a band proficient on their instruments. Its got a more technical feel than the first track. 
At this point ‘No Ticker‘ and ‘Gilly Pull The Trigger‘ deliver more in your face protest punk with the band taking aim at small-mindedness and Australia’s uncompassionate immigration system. 
Track 5 ‘The Other’ is a bit different, musically it starts off with a sense of urgency but when it changes to the verse the music shifts to an almost ska style sound featuring clean upstrokes on the guitar and a fantastic moving bass line. 

The next song ‘Mr Mean’ is the longest track on the album clocking in at 3:10. The song has elements of ska/two-tone as well as reggae complete with some amazing horn sections. Its laid back vibes and placement on the album feel like a perfect breather before the band takes us on another build-up journey with ‘Start All Over Again’ giving us another taste of the band’s brand of protest punk rock. In the verse parts, you can hear a simple guitar chord progression chugging away in the background while the lead guitar makes use of some early rock n roll type licks. 
Fight Me’ this is probably the most aggressive song on the album and has a hardcore feel, it’s also the shortest song clocking in at 1:40. It starts with a fast-paced progression of power chords from the guitar and a well-placed pick slide with a fade-in drum roll. As the vocals enter with more speed and urgency than anything else on this album the guitar drops out and the driving bass comes into focus. The chorus parts are chugging along musically while the vocals provide a simple yet catchy hook. 
The next song ‘Why Would I Care What You Do?‘ starts with a cool little drum intro joined quickly by a guitar part that feels surf rock-inspired and another moving bass line. At 1:42 this song feels like it comes to an end but it takes you by surprise and goes again. Lyrically this song has a premise of mind your own business if the affairs of others don’t actually impact on you. Interesting fact, this song was written around the time of the marriage equality debate in Australia.
Rip Me Off‘ is another punchy in your face protest punk rock track with a great chorus hook that’ll have you singing along on the first spin
The closing track is ‘When I Was Seventeen‘ and it feels like a great way to end the album with a real protest rock feel and the intimacy of a solo guitar and vocals performance. 

The One Two’s have already played two album launch shows in support of ‘Fight The Good Fight
11/10 at The Commerical Hotel, Yarraville and 18/10 at Whole Lotta Love, Brunswick but there is still one more launch show planned, here’s the deets …
1st of November at The Golden Vine Hotel, Bendigo with Steph Bitter and The Bridesmaid(Event Link)

The One Two’s are Mik Weird – lead vocals/guitar Clever Bobb – guitar/backing vocals Captain Luxurious – bass/backing vocals Rhino – drums
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Youtube Chanel
Facebook Link  (Half Way Records)

Check out The One Two’s on Spotify but if you love the band and the scene head over to one of the above links and show your support and grab some merch/music.


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