Crannk Reviews Superheist – “Sidewinder’ album

Aussie Nu-Metal legends Superheist today release “Sidewinder“and it continues right where they left off with the successful and highly received “Ghosts Of The Social Dead” album.
I read somewhere that the album is “more metal, more anthemic, more hip hop and more electro than Superheist has ever been” and that feels right about spot on.

The Riot starts right on key and will have you raising your fist into the next track “Crush The Crisis” which continues the anthemic feel that bounds into the hugely catchy and electronic feeling track track “Shockwaves” that features the amazing voice of Dw’s wife London Gabraelle (London) who can really sing and who also joins DW on the solo project Rifleman and has an album out of her own as well. “Breathe” starts with Ox flowing with his vocal skills and leading into the track “Trauma“.The Next track “And So We Burn‘ also features guest vocals from Dana Roskvist (Sydonia).

There is something about Superheist that has hooked me way back in the 90’s and now that always hooks me and “Sidewinder” is filled with so many of those hooks that grab the listener and really connect and resonate.

Ezekiel Ox (Mammal,Ezekiel Ox solo ) besides being one of Australia’s best and hardest working vocalist’s the Ox is the kind of vocalist who commands attention and he can transition from rock to hip hop to metal with ease,he can flip the script and have you hooked on every word.Ox has brought a sound,style and vibe with the Ghost’s album and now Sidewinder that i believe has helped create some of Superheist’s best work to date.

Dw Norton(Rifleman,Walk the Earth,ARIA nominated producer,Black Mountain Music ) is the main man and back bone behind Superheist and also one of Australia’s best producers and that comes through in the production and sound on Sidewinder. He has also set up the Black Mountain Music Label which is well worth checking out if you are an artist looking for great music production and great representation.

Bass Extraordinaire Simmo Durrant (In;Extremis) and Drumming legend John Sankey who has worked with Devil You Know,Fear Factory,Divine Heresy,provide the heartbeat for Sidewinder along with the Dual guitar maestro’s of Dw Norton and Keir Gotcher.

The Physical copy of Sidewinder has three bonus tracks Raise Hell,Got The Bounce and Fully Loaded.

Superheist are truly icon’s of the Australian Music scene a band that sound’s just as good live as they are on their albums.If you do anything this week Raise Your Fist in support and be sure to get this One Of A Kind album Sidewinder and God Knows the Shockwaves that you Breathe in will Stick In Your Head.

Superheist Are Ezekiel Ox Vocals – DW Norton Guitars – John Sankey Drums – Si Durrant Bass – Keir Gotcher Guitars

Purchase Sidewinder and Superheist merch atBlack Mountain Music

Black Mountain Music Facebook Superheist Facebook


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