Crannk Reviews The New Desert Dogs EP Showdown

The Desert Dogs are a 4 piece band from Perth, Western Australia, Australia that formed in 2019. The bands debut single ‘The Australian Dream’ (3:10) was released on the 18th of November 2019 (although I recall it being on the bands Triple J Unearthed page in October) and it was so good that it was nominated for song of the year (2020) in the punk/hardcore category with WAM and won. This might sound like some great state wide success but I heard this song played on interstate and national radio shows, its an amazing song and it is also the opening track of the bands debut EP ‘Showdown’ which was released on the 23rd of September 2020.

‘Showdown’ consists of 7 tracks in total and has a run time of around 20 minutes, it has great quality guitar work with some chunky riffage, amazing lead guitar work and the usual distorted power chords. The songs can at times feel more rock than punk and some of the guitar work is a little show off rock n roll but in a good way but at times you can feel a real heavy groove vibe. The vocals are great, this band can sing in key or scream in a hardcore style and both options are likeable.

My favourite track is ‘What Moral Compass?’ (2:43) which was released on the 15th of July 2020 as the third single lifted from the EP, it has a catchy chorus that had me singing along on first listen and I actually picked up my guitar to learn that riff at the start cause it seemed like so much fun to play.

The Desert Dogs debut EP is a solid release worth a listen if you are into punk rock or hardcore music, ‘Showdown’ even featured musical guests from the local scene, ‘Part Of Me’ (3:12) featured Timmy Howe (Blackwitch/Silver Lizard) and ‘The Itch’ (2:42) featured Karl Heussenstamm (Beerfridge/TRS).

Desert Dogs are

Joel Woolerson – guitar/vocals

Tom Manton – bass/vocals

Todd Fishwick – guitar/vocals

Josh Barker – drums

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Bandcamp Link:

Triple J Unearthed Link:


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