Cruel Wonders and Gentle Doom keeps haunting me!

Well, I was wrong!

Last week I wrote a pretty negative review of the album “Gentle Doom” by Cruel Wonders. That was wrong of me, and I’m not afraid to say that I was wrong. But as I said in my first review of the album, there was always something in the music that lured me, and it made me keep the album in my playlist.

And every now and then I got a song by Cruel Wonders, and eventually I’m starting to understand the music.

So, I start over, and here’s my new review of the album:

Two weeks ago, we got a mail from Cruel Wonders, a folk noir duo from Tel Aviv, Israel. They’re about to release their debut album “Gentle Doom”.

I’ve been listening to the album on and off, and they play music that I really like to hear. The music is, in their own words: “female-fronted with some blackened doom and dark ambient elements.” Well, there’s no doubt about that. And after listening some more to it, I’m starting to find Middle-east influences to it all (well, they are from Tel Aviv). And I think, that’s where I got mislead the first time. In the mail from Vlad, he said, “because you reviewed Darkher…” I think that I thought it was a form of Darkher-music I was about to hear.

In some ways that is true, they paint a dreamlike landscape, with doom-influenses, and for me – this is music that I want to listen to with headphones. But not loud. This is music where I wanna dream away. But they do it in their own way, with a very special guitar sound and an extremely special voice.

I still have some issues with some of the songs, but I guess it’s because it’s not (not yet anyway) my genre. But over and all, this album is starting to grow on me. I’m actually starting to like the album, and I guess that, if you’re into this kind of music – well the album will grow on you as well!

I’m gonna give this album some more listening, it’s more complex than I thought in the beginning. And for that I’m begging Cruel Wonders to forgive me for my first review.

Here’s the official video of the song “Sometimes A Lover“:

\m/ Peps

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