Friday on my mind!

Friday’s gonna be my day, with Iron Maiden and Opeth!!


I never thought that I would live to see the day! But this Friday my dreams will come true! I live and die for two bands in this world…

I’ve grown up with Iron Maiden and that will ALWAYS be the best band ever!!! All the other bands are just pale copies, but I can still like them. But, Iron Maiden brought me into the world of heavy metal, and they are part of who I am today. They made me METAL!

Years later I discovered Opeth. Today I say, if I hadn’t discovered Iron Maiden, then Opeth would have been my grand opus! Iron Maiden and Opeth are the same for me, they are everything in metal!

And here’s the big thing… On Friday I get to see them both as Opeth is the special guest when Iron Maiden hits Gothenburg!! ¬†I can not tell you how big this thing is for me. It’s fucking huge! It’s like¬†Halleys fucking comet hits the Earth kind of big!


So, just to get you in the mood, here’s some music:
Iron Maiden – Death or glory

Opeth: Live from Wacken! (it’s a very special experience, going to an Opeth show!)



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