Heavy metal weekend to hell!

Long Day’s Journey into Night!

A brutally early Saturday morning. Made breakfast at 06:30 am!!. However, this time the reason was not going out for a really long run. No, the goal for the day was the Swedish city of Karlstad.

I was going to meet my dear friends Andreas (LOKET!!) and Ann-Sofie, because it was too long ago, and somehow I had managed to book THREE interviews and one concert!

heavenhellTo do a quick summary of the day. I came to Karlstad on Saturday about 11 am, landed in Heaven & Hell, THE hard-rock place in Karlstad around 12 am, left at about 1:30 am on Sunday, and finished it all with a couple of beers at the home of Andreas & Ann-Sofie, and went to bed about 5 am ON SUNDAY!!. Awake for like 23 hours…

In between all that, I managed to interview the bands Incarnit, The Generals and Sparzanza, hanging out back-stage with Sparzanza and see the exclusive Sparzanza 20-year anniversary gig!

That was one hell of a Saturday! Now I have about 4½ hours of interviews to go through and sort out and then try to get down on paper and after that I’ll start translating them into English. When I’m done with all that, well THEN you will be able to read all about what was said during those interviews!

And again, I would like to thank my brothers in Incarnit, The Generals and Sparzanza. And a special thanks to Jimmie – you walked the extra mile brother! 🙂

Now, it’s time to summurize the interviews!

You want music? OK, here’s future sound of interviews! (The sound of interviews, check it out! Click here! You’ll find the Generals and Incarnit here later!)


The Generals:






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