Interview with Nautical Mile

Nautical Mile are a Pop-Punk band out of Perth, Western Australia with an exciting blend of catchy infectious Punk melodies and vocals.

Nautical Mile first formed in 2015 with Nautical Mile’s self-titled EP being released in 2016.The second EP “Playing For Keeps” came out in 2017.

Nautical Mile’s new track “Regicide” came out in December 2018 and Nautical Mile are set for a big year with an upcoming tour around Australia through February, before they head into the studio and start work on a new album.
(Check out links and dates below for Tour dates ETC) .Recently they took some time to chat with Jai and Crannk .

First off for those who haven’t heard of you are you guys Who are Nautical Mile?

We area a pop-punk quartet from Perth, Western Australia, comprising of Brodi (vocals), Caleb (Drums), Dan (Guitar) and Nick (Bass). We’ve released two EPs and a string of singles, with the most recent being Regicide.

And how did Nautical Mile come about?

The band first started in 2015 as a group of strangers coming together to write pop-punk songs. The lineup has changed a bit over the years however Caleb and Dan have both been there since the start. Nick has always helped out with photography and media, so when the opportunity arose for him to play bass we couldn’t think of anyone else we’d rather have. Brodi and Caleb have known each other since school and Brodi brings valuable industry experience with him to the band.

Can you tell me about some of the influences that help shape and form the sound of the Nautical Mile?

Our biggest influences are A Day To Remember, Neck Deep, Sum 41 and Chunk! No Captain Chunk! however each member brings their own personal touch to the band. We try to write songs that we would enjoy listening to ourselves. Our sound is essentially a blend of catchy pop-punk choruses with the heaviness of some of the post-hardcore bands we love.

What first inspired and influenced you into playing music?And then into playing punk music?

The desire to do something that not everyone gets to do and create unique experiences for ourselves. We all love attending live shows so being  on the other side of that was the dream for us all. Between all of us and the influences we share punk and pop-punk was just a natural direction for us to take. We love the energy of the music and the fact that people can move around to it without being judged. We feel that punk music doesn’t judge you for expressing yourself and allows you to be who you want to be.

Regicide is the most recent track from Nautical Mile can you tell me about what that track means to you?

The song is about betrayal and the feeling of being completely let down by someone you trusted with all your worth. The lyrics describe the almost cyclical nature of relationships like this, the back and forth of constantly trying to please someone only to be disappointed, and the process of coming to terms with this and breaking free of the toxic environment. Whilst this track is heavily inspired by a romantic relationship breaking down, we feel the lyrics can really be applied to any sort of relationship ending where you are left with a bitter taste from the other party.

If you could pick one track you feel really captures the vibe and feel of Nautical Mile which track would that be and why?

We feel as though A Life Worth Dying For really encapsulates our sound. It has a bit of everything, from the melodic pop-punk choruses to the fast punky verses and the heavy outro. It’s a really fun song for us to play live and we feel that it’s one of our most well-crafted songs.

Nautical Mile are gearing up for a tour around Australia through February you must be pretty excited to get around Oz and play some live gigs, what would be your favourite song to play live?

We can’t wait to be back over east. We’re really keen to come back to Melbourne and Sydney, but also to experience Adelaide and Brisbane for the first time as a band. As far as our favourite song it’s either Flight Risk or A Life Worth Dying For. Both have great energy and we’ve always loved playing them, but we couldn’t choose between them. It’s like picking a favourite child.

Besides the tour what else have Nautical Mile got planned for the rest of 2019 so far?

Once we’re back from tour we’ll be heading into the studio to record our debut full-length, with further touring planned for later in the year. We had a busy 2018 so we’re looking to continue in the same vein in 2019. We’re excited for the year ahead, and we can’t to share what we’ve been working on with everybody.

1st February 2019 – Amplifier Bar, Perth WA
8th February 2019 – Engima Bar, Adelaide SA
10th February 2019 – Bar Open, Melbourne VIC
15th February 2019 – Rack Em Up, Lilydale VIC
16th February 2019 – Whole Lotta Love, Melbourne VIC
17th February 2019  – Hideaway Bar, Sydney NSW
19th February 2019 – Club Azzurri, Newcastle NSW
21st February 2019 – The Brightside, Brisbane QLD

Nautical Mile are Brodi Owen, Caleb Wynter, Dan Ray, Nick Henrisson

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