Interview with World vs One

Interview with Andrew Stubbs of World Vs One

Recently I had a chat with Andrew Stubbs from two man metal outfit out of Tasmania ,World vs One these guys have a big sound and a band with plans for future domination of the local metal scene.

Hey there this is Jai for Crannk,
So can we start with a little bit about Worldvsone where are you guys from ?

Andrew Stubbs: Hey mate. We’re both from a pretty small city/town called Devonport in Tasmania, Australia.
Jai: Can you tell us about Worldvsone ,what’s it like as a two man metal band, ? how did you guys form and what is your style ?


Andrew:Very fucking time consuming and a lot of hard work. (Don’t know if I can swear or not haha). Basically it’s just myself (Andrew) who writes the main structure of our songs then Jake (the vocalist) who will then add some finishing touches to it and add a bit of input from his perspective and we’ll basically just keep going back and forth with ideas until we’re finally happy with the result. Which usually takes us quite a long time just being the two of us since we don’t have the benefit most other bands have in writing from either another guitarist, drummer, bassist etc.
Basically Jake and I have been jamming together since we were 16/17 with other members who never really had the dedication and motivation we did for our music. So it didn’t ever really last long and was never taken too seriously until Jake and I basically just said to each other fuck it, we’ll do everything ourselves since we were basically the only people making proper effort in the first place, and that’s where World vs One formed. Which was when we were about 17/18, and we’re both 21/22 at the moment so we’ve been doing everything ourselves for about 4 years now give or take. So we’re pretty proud at what we’ve been able to achieve given our situation and circumstances.
Our style started off 100% Deathcore and only in the past year have we started to I guess start branching out to find our own sound which sort of leans more towards the hardcore/nu-metal side of music. I guess as we get a little bit older we get more experienced/knowledgeable and our influences change and it’s starting to show in our music. That along with being extremely dedicated and self teaching ourselves everything we’ve ever known makes us pretty happy of how we’re going so far, and being only 21/22 I can’t wait to see where the next few years takes us.


Jai: I don’t hear much about the Tassie metal scene what is it like over there?


Andrew: There’s a couple of good bands here but cause we’re only a 2 man band and can’t play live we unfortunately don’t and can’t get involved as much in the scene as we’d like to. But we always show support to fellow hard working Tassie bands through social media and such.


Jai: So that means you get a lot more time writing music yeah? Is there plans in the future to expand Worldvsone ?


Andrew: Yeah mate I guess. I try to write as much as I can without it getting to my head too much. If I try and force write I can never seem to get anything decent, some days I come up with loads of ideas in 20 minutes and other days I can’t come up with anything in 5 hours. It’s a luck thing I swear haha.
We might start looking for members after our new single releases. Who knows.


Jai: Did you want to tell us about the new single?


Andrew: Sure mate. I lost my father last November and basically it’s a combination of Jake & I’s story of dealing with the pain of loss and the mental side of things of how I wish I could’ve done and said things different so maybe things wouldn’t have happened the way they did. It’s a pretty strong story from all the shit I’ve been through in the past 6 months with family and relationship issues and I think it makes our music so much better when we talk from this kind of perspective because there’s so much more passion involved.
Also a shout out to our mate Joey from Liefy Green Studios for helping us bring the song to life. This is the first time we’ve had a producer help us with our music and we couldn’t be happier for how it turned out.


Jai: Wow so music has really been like an outlet for all that ?
So with a producer on this one are you guys working towards a full length album?


Andrew: Yeah man absolutely. Writing music is basically my medicine for dealing with the bad things in life we all unfortunately go through in way or another. I don’t know where I’d be without it.
Unfortunately no plans on an album dude, we’re still pretty young, experimenting and slowly just starting to discover our own unique sound and I don’t want to try put myself through trying to write an album without having some more members. With a little luck hopefully we’ll one day find members and could hopefully begin on a debut album in the next few years, but until we do find the right members that have the dedication and motivation we do we’ll most likely just keep experimenting & releasing singles. Having a producer like Joey definitely helps and quickens the writing process though.

Jai: Hey thanks so much for your time, When is the single due to finish?

Andrew: No release date yet man but most likely around mid/late August

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