Peps is wondering, are Grave Digger the most metal of all?

We have to talk a bit about Grave Digger! This is a band that’s been around for a very long time now, and I feel that they don’t get the right amount of attention. At least not here in Sweden.

I don’t get it! Sweden is a country with lots and lots of metal bands, and a lots of heavy metal fans, but apparently this band flies under the radar. Which is so strange, this band is all about metal!

Grave Digger is a German band, formed in the beginning of the 1980s, and they released their debut-album as early as 1984, an album titled “Heavy Metal Breakdown”, and I think that the first titles of that album really sets the standard of the band. The first song is called “Headbaning man” and the second is “Heavy Metal Breakdown”. I mean, HELLO!!?? It REALLY of shouts METAL!

It’s possible that, in 1984 people thought that this was too heavy, I mean that the music were what we then called “speed metal”. And when I listen to it today, it almost sounds like lightweight-black metal… 🙂

But today, the music is really the essence of metal. If you’re old enough, like me, you’ll remember when Judas Priest released the “Painkiller” album, and we were like… WOW! That’s really heavy!! Well, Grave Digger sounded like that in 1984, and they are stil going strong.

If you have the time and the urge, do look up this band! It’s the most metal you will hear today! (And with that, I mean, this is true heavy metal, not death, not black, not sleeze… just metal!) And they fucking rocks!

So here’s were you can find the band, and after that some videos, and after that – a Spotify-link to the band. Have fun exploring some HEAVY METAL!!

\m/ Peps

p.s. BTW, I stole the picture from the official Grave Digger website! 🙂
p.s.2 If you didn’t know it before… this is music to play LOUD!! 😀

Live at Wacken:

This is the title track from the lastest album, released earlier this year, Healed by Metal!

Grave Digger – Hell Funeral: (What an amazing intro!!)

Grave Digger – Excalibur:

And here’s some Spotify for ya!


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