Review: Aversions Crown; Xenocide

Album review: Aversions Crown: Xenocide



I found this band by doing one of my favourite things, finding a music store heading for the metal section and finding a band I have heard little to nothing of and blasting it.

This band Aversions Crown is the reason I keep doing that Xenocide is a solid melt your face album.

Aversions Crown are a deathcore band from Brisbane, Australia and this album Xenocide is the third outing for these guys with the first album Servitude coming out in 2011, then followed on by Tyrant in 2014.

Xenocide came out in January through Nuclear Blast entertainment and If you like  bands in the vein of Thy Art Is Murder you’ll love these guys.

This album really hooked me from the first instrumental Void that grabs your hand and takes you screaming along  the roughly  fifty-one minutes to the last song in Odium.

With soul shredding guitars and brutal bone crushing kick to the drums, That will have you slamming around in your lounge room or at the least leave your neighbours shaking there heads at you.

The vocals are freaking amazing and the range of Mark Poida are unreal cause this is more than just a deathcore album this is a must for your metal collection.

Aversions Crown are currently on tour in the US.

I want to pick out a couple of favourites from Xenocide but I just can’t do it. Here is a couple of tracks you can have a listen to.

Prismatic Abyss is the second track off Xenocide

Erebus is track 5


Aversions Crown are

Mark Poida: Vocals

Jayden Mason: Drums

Chris Cougan: Guitar

Mick Jeffery: Guitar

Home page of Aversions Crown

Nuclear Blast Page of Aversions Crown


Review by Jai Anderson


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