Review : Beholder “Reflections”

Most of the time I listen to music while driving, I drive a lot in my job and it gives me time to play music loud and relatively uninterrupted (then stupid work gets in the way)………ever come across something new and find yourself both, singing along and circle banging on the first spin? No? Well, that’s what Beholder did for me.

From the opening ticking of the clock, Beholder set a beautiful tone, blending modern prog with tradtional metal.


This is my first taste of Beholder, although they have previously released two studio albums, and I’m happy to say I really enjoyed it.

Musically, I find Beholder to be similar to prog legends Mastodon, intricate yet “open” riffy guitars, solos, accoustic guitars. Definate prog drums, some what off tempo and loads of fills (I really enjoy prog drumming).

Vocals?…….think…….very pissed off Bruce Dickinson, sweet mixture of harsh growls and clean wails.

Stand out tracks? The whole album works so well, there are no tracks that I feel I need to skip but if I had to pick “Heal the wounds”, “Breathe in the science” and “Army of one” would be my favorites.

I highly recommend people give Beholder a run!


Metaldad \m/



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