Review: Kin Beneath Chorus – Invia

The other month we got a mail from Kin Beneath Chorus, and they wanted us to listen to their latest album. Album number two – Invia.

This is the second time we get an email from Greece. The first one was from the band Sunlight, and it’s two very different bands. This time it’s all about hard modern death metal. To give you some hint of music, the compare them selfs with bands like Thy Art is Murder, SepticFlesh, Rotting Christ och The Agonist.

This is not an album that you will love after the first listening! No, it demands that you really sit down and listen to find the balance and the sound and feeling of the album. But when you do find the thread, it’s pretty damn good death metal!

It’s really kind of a weird album. Hard death with touches of hard core and even some black metal, but in a very progressive way! And I guess that it’s that progressive part that forces you to give the album an extra listening.

But when you listen and started to understand the music, then all the chiftings in the music and then singing becomes… well right!

I can’t find a bad song on the album. On the opposite, it’s a great album. Although, in the end, I think that sometimes it’s a bit hard to sepearate the song from each other. I could wish a bit more variation, but it’s still a really good album! I can really feel how the drumms, the bass and that strobe-lights will punch me in the chest when I see this on a live show!

This was a very positive surprice for me! I really think that Kin Beneath Chorus found their own sound, even if I sometimes think of Ne Obliviscaris, meaning a very special messed out sound that might lead them very far!

My favorite songs are: The March, Higher than man, Invia (title track) och Mariner’s compass.

The album was released about a week ago, and you can find it here:

\m/ Peps


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