Review: Morito Ergo Sum – “A Mournful Foreboding”

Al of a sudden we received a mail from the band ”Morito Ergo Sum”, where they asked us to review their debut-album – “A Mournful Foreboding”.

As I said, it’s their debut album, and it was released on the 25th of Mars this year. The band origin from Stockholm and they’re influenced by band like My Dying Bride and Tiamat”.Album_cover

Above all, I would say, are the influences from My Dying Bride. I think, without talking to the band, that their favorite album would be “Like Gods Of The Sun” with My Dying Bride! The fact is, that when I start to listen to the album, at the first sound of it, I immediately get the feeling of “Like Gods Of The Sun”. Which for me, is just fantastic! That’s one om my all-time favorite albums!

So I immediately feel that this is something that I will like. The singer, Sebastian Rosengren, has a really great voice for this kind of music, it has this sad tone which is great. And the building of the songs is something that really speaks to me. And I also like the fact that they play the violin in some of the songs, it gives the songs an extra dimension I think.

The first half of the album is really damn good I think! On the last half I kind of loose interest, a bit unfortunately. It’s a bit much of that sad guitar-melody. Or, maybe not too much, but just that the second half of the album reminds me a bit too much of the first half. It’s getting hard to separate the songs from each other.

They did two acoustic songs (I won’t be around(tomorrow) och Rain), two short (!) songs, just about three minutes a piece, that break the pattern in a really good way though. Two songs that I actually is among the best on the album.

To summarize, I think this is a really good dbut. I might would have some more variation on the songs, but in the end, I think it’s a really good album, especially for all that love “Like Gods Of The Sun” with My Dying BrideMorito_band_picture

Unfortunately the album isn’t on Spotify yet, so I will treasure this review-version of the album! And it’s going to be a real treat to follow this band!

The band is:

Paolo Cito – Guitar
Sebastian Rosengren – Violin & Vocals
Harry Virtanen – Bass
Xavier Aguilar – Guitar
Walter Basile (Guest) – Drums

Here you can find out more about the band:

Official website: http://moritoergosum.com – Bandcamp page, with high quality streaming of all band’s songs, where you can download and/or buy their material
Facebook: – Official Blog with all the latest news, updates, videos and photos. – Official YouTube page – Reverbnation

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