Running with Iron Maiden

Well, I’m a runner. And I like to run with music, and I really think that Iron Maiden do runnable music (and no, I’m not only thinking about Run to the hills and The Loneliness of the long-distance runner!), so I started my run this morning with the latest album, The Book of Souls.

And I was kind of fascinated of the fact, that I ran for almost 2½ hours, and I could only hear the album for like 1½ time. It’s a really epic album, and a really complex album, and I just found a great way to really listen to the whole album in one piece. Start a really long run, and put your player on repeat! 🙂

I mean, just listen to this one… “The Red and the Black”! Out in the forest, just running, just listening to this… Amazing! It’s just symbolize all that I love with Iron Maiden. How the song, after 6½ minutes just takes a turn and go instrumental in a… well, wonderful way, changing pace, solo guitars just shredding through the melody… Beautiful!

\m/ Peps


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