Album review: Superscream – The Engine Cries

Superscream is band from Rouen,  France, influenced by progressive/industry/sleeze metal.

This album astounds me! I really like this kind of music! It kind of shifts between Pain Of Salvation, Dream Theater and Guns n’ Roses, but also with a touch of Danko Jones and a whole lot of good times Queensrÿche! The riffs and the melodies are great, with a high dosage of tempo-switching – just the way I like it! Sometimes it’s right up the alley of System Of A Down, but in a prog-metal kind of way, and it’s actually damn good! It’s an album where you don’t have a clue what the next song is going to bring down on you! As I said – I love it!

Here’s The Engine Cries (more review below the video!):

It’s a hell of an album that sends me all over the place and it’s really playful, and sometimes with a bit too much influences in the same song, which is amazing! I think this is an awesome album, it turns and twists with a great groove and great vocals. And you know me, I really love a band that has the guts to write a song that is +9 minutes long!

And I love the fact that the songs has a bit of heaviness. Superscream has the potential to be really great in the future!

My favourite songs:

Evil Cream: Sounds like Kamelot on a trip!

The Engine Cries: Nice combo of Pain Of Salvation and Dream Theater. Get the feeling of “The Big Machine” of Pain Of Salvation.
Pandora: Can’t but my finger on it, but it’s so damn cool! Maybe some A Perfect Circle?

Velvet Cigarette: The closest thing of a combo I’ve ever heard of System Of A Down and all sleeze metal bands ever!

Your Necless Of Bites: Finally a slow song I can listen to…

Where’s my mom – Weired horror-movie-jazz-sleeze – and it’s outstanding!

Cheers! \m/ Peps

Here’s the music on Spotify:

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