Crannk Reviews Among Vultures Self Titled album”Among Vultures”

Among Vultures are a Swiss Death/Hardcore metal band with an awesome sound for me that was reminiscent of Entombed and Sepultura.Among Vultures were formerly known as Attack Vertical and I have been Crannking the hell out of their self titled release “Among Vultures” that came out on the 29th of March through Tenacity Music.

This is a release I have really enjoyed, for me it was a head banging,fist pounding listen filled with a pummeling Death & Roll beat on tracks like “Coffin Of The Universe” and “Sink” that had me jumping around in pure metal delight.This album also lyrically really hits hard and delivers straight on point, with great lyrics that at times deal with some tough issues like on the tracks “Wings Of Despair” and “Buried Alive” but still manages to make you feel uplifted as only Heavy Metal music can.

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Among Vultures are
Bertrand Monney (drum) 
Cédric Bugnon (vocal) 
Edmond Parizot (guitar) 
Nicolas Maggio (bass) 
Emmanuel Frossard (guitar)




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