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There must be something in the water down under in Australia because there are some exceptional Hard core bands around at the moment and Melbourne’s Hardcore outfit Born Free are one of the bands leading the charge.They are ready to drop their no nonsense straight up Hardcore album Born Free through Resist Records on June 7 which follows on from their 2017 release “Sorrow“. I love hardcore music and have since I first started getting into bands like Sick Of It All way back when.Born Free recorded the album back in Winter 2018 at Black Lodge Studio‘s in Melbourne with Mike Deslandes (High Tension) and is one of their heaviest outing’s to date but a more melodic structured album. Nathan lyrically tackles issues of the Earth’s Destruction,internal anguish and his personal journey with Life,Death and Everything in between delivered with that straight up Hardcore Edge you’d expect from Born Free.

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The first track on the album “Blinded” was also the first single released off the album and with lyrics like “How could you know, how could you see,how could you know about the walls imprisoning me” Nathan delivers them with a punch and emotion you can expect from good hard core bands.

The next track “Stuck In The Past” is a track about exactly that person and people we all know who are stuck in the past and their time is slipping away and they are holding on to the things of old and not embracing the change we need in this world. “Life Of Disgrace“, “Suffer” and “Death Sentence” continue on with them hard core feels and leads into the third single that was released off the album “Burn” .Vocalist Nathan Garland unpacks the inspiration behind the music, “At times, there is a lot of uncertainty for our place in this world. Could we do better? Do we have time? Yes, we can do better. And yes we do have time. We just have to accept that we only have control over our own self and nothing else. What’s actually uncertain, is everything that happens around you. If you look deep enough within yourself, even when everything around you is starting to burn, you have the power to persevere.

“Vi Dolorosa” is a nice little instrumental with a cool chilled slowed down guitar number that slows things down a little before hitting back with the track “Wasted” which was the second single released here is what Nathan said about Wasted “…the track is a reflection on cause and effect and no matter what, real change comes from within.

Disease” and “Wavelength” round out this exceptional display of straight up Hard Core music with feels and a punch that resonates and explodes.

Born Free‘s self titled album will be released Friday June 7 through Resist Records with pre-orders live now at

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