Crannk Reviews The Murderballs – Gross Encounters album

The Murderballs are a 3 piece band from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia who play some mixture of punk, funk and psychobilly. The band have been around for about 9 years now and have some of their music in various places online like triple j unearthed, bandcamp and spotify.
The Murderballs released their debut 13 track album “Gross Encounters” on the 10th of May 2019. 

In their own entertaining fashion the bands new album kicks off with a track called “Fuck Everyone” over 50 seconds you hear a crowd cheer then sound disappointed, the music is fast paced and the bass guitar work is amazing. The next song “Finger Lickin” is another punky number with some funky breakdown moments during which the guitar slows right down but its punky chorus is fast distorted power chord stuff with all the vocal whoa’s that are associated with punk music. Both these songs have sexual themes as do some of the others (Clit Eastwood) on the album but its not the social norm stuff. 
Many of the songs on “Gross Encounters” have that punk social commentary vibe in the lyrics. “Money Lies”I Like Dogs” and “Manstruating” are all great examples of the bands lyrical combativenes against a system built on genocide, greed, and toxic masculinity. 
I’m  pretty happy about the inclusion of “What If Flavour Flav Didn’t Believe His Own Hype ? (Pappu)” which is one of the bands older songs. 
Other tracks like “Wolfman Hop” “Teens” and “Lady Time” serve up the psychobilly elements that make up the bands unique sound. “Lady Time” was featured on the Punx In Exile compilation that was released in September 2018 by independent Melbourne based label In Exile Records. Almost every punk band in Victoria had a song on that compilation. 
The bands next show is with Smash Bros, I Have A Goat and Don Berzerk, who all put on great live shows and it might be Don Berzerk’s last show so get there if you can.

Here is the event link HERE

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The Murderballs is Lenny – drums/vocals Kenny – bass/vocals  Jenny – guitar/vocals

The Murderballs Facebook Bandcamp

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