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Copywronged are a 3 piece punk rock band from Bristol in the UK. They formed in early 2018 out of the ashes of another band called Fifteen Years. 
The band released a 4 track demo called “Rigmarole” in September 2018, one of the songs “You’re Wrong” was featured on a compilation called PhilanthroPunks released by Tiny Little Creatures Recording Company
The bands new EP “Fowl Up” was released on the 14th of May 2019 and is 5 tracks of mainly hardcore punk. All the tracks have that raw demo sound and it feels like the band is still finding its feet but the lyrics are great and the message is strong. 

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“Globalities” is loud, fast and distorted hardcore punk music. Lyrics that detail the current state of the world and encourage people to be the change. It has some great lead guitar elements but no real solo. 
“Get Out” is a very skate punk type of song musically with a great rolling bass line during a break down after the verse but the vocal style is more hardcore. This song musically reminds me so much of Pennywise. I love the lyrics in the chorus and the flow of the vocals in general. 
“Betrayer” harcore punk song, its got this great distorted bass part in the last few bars of each verse, the guitar drops briefly giving a basic song some real depth. The drumming on this track is impressive.
“No Statues” is another hardcore number and has some great lyrics. Its verse chorus parts are the usual stuff with high energy. Towards the end the guitar does a few bars of distorted power chords before the drums and bass join in again creating an amazing outro. 
The final song “Change The Lies” was first released on 2018’s “Rigmarole“. I found it interesting that a different version of the song appeared on this EP so I asked Gav from the band about it, he said they’d been playing the song in the form of the newly recorded version at shows and that the band felt the need to re-visit the track in the studio to record it in its new form. 


Copywronged is Gav – guitar/vocals Matt – bass/vocals Helen – drums

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Copywronged next show in the UK is June 15 in Cardiff here is the link for more details LINK HERE

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