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FasterForward are a 3 piece band from Quebec, Canada who play a melodic and energetic type of punk music. The band released a 4 track EP titled “E.P.” back in 2017.

FasterForward released their debut album “Limitless” on the 15th of April 2019 through the label “People Of Punk Rock Records” 
From the opening track “Before I Raise The Fence” with its fast distorted guitar guitar intro and punchy drums you can feel the energy this band has. Hardcore style vocals on the track are delivered with clarity and emotion, the song also has a great breakdown that is mixed well enough to hear everything and that spot on mixing and energetic vibe is present on the whole album. 

The next track “Time Sensitive” is fairly similar in tempo and also features guitar based intro but has its own uniqueness, the vocal style is slightly more melodic in this song as the lyrics deliver a message about time and what you do with it. This song has some great parts between the vocal delivery where the speedy bass lines really pop.
Two of the songs on this album have lyrics written by Max Boutet the first we hear is “Raise Your Voices” with its anti religious message. This song also has its own uniqueness and the vocals while melodic have a growl of aggression. 
When we get to track 4 “Living Right Now” we here all the starts and stops in the music which is similar to everything so far but the rhythm of the fast distorted guitar offers a diverse soundscape with a great breakdown part that has the bass and then guitar each providing something similar to a solo. The vocal hooks in the chorus have a strong melodic vocal harmony part complete with the familiar punky whoa bits

The half way point of the album is a song called “Slow Murderer” which is the other song that features lyrics written by Max Boutet. The song has one of the strongest bass lines ever running through the verse parts. This seriously should be part of the next anti smoking campaign with its lyrical genius. 
Against Us” has a different guitar style but still maintains the energetic melodic sound the band has consistently delivered through the album with lyrics about a teenage girl who’s parents would rather send her to a therapist than talk to her. Lyrically this song is very creative.
Song number 7 is called “Time To Say Goodbye” has a great bass intro, pick slides, fast paced distorted guitar parts and in your face drums with good breakdown and build up elements along with vocals delivered with raw emotion. The lyrical content is hurting and hateful after being betrayed in a relationship.
Limitless” the title track turns out to be a song about the state of fear in society today. The bass and drums start this one off well and it has some of the most technical playing and vocal tracks on the album while not compromising its speed and energy. This is my favourite track on the album and it leads into the next track so perfectly.
Full Speed Ahead” feels like the energy kicks up a notch and delivers both musically and lyrically an uncompromising punk song before the final track “Marathon” a song about breaking away from the daily grind which closes the album with the same ferocity, you can hear the desperation in the delivery of the message. 
You can catch these 3 talented punkers at their next show on the 28th of June with Adrenalized, We Outspoken and Pain Relief. Click on the event link HERE for more details.

FasterForward are

Drums and Lead Vocals: Jean-Sébastien Roy (Gee)

Bass and Vocals: Jean-Nicolas Gravel (Jean-Nick)

Guitar and Vocals: Simon Deschamps

FasterForward Links BandcampFacebookPeople Of Punk Records

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